laser installation [2019]

Expanding circles of light and synchronised sound. The title refers to a mathematical term: the trigonometric functions, which are the basis both for the theoretical construction of an ideal circle as well as for the practical calculations to create them in the installation.

Cos/Sin is a commission on the occasion of '100 years of Bauhaus', turning the second floor of the iconic Sanaa building at Essen's Zollverein cultural heritage into an abstract and minimalist audiovisual experience. Several perfect circles are projected on the walls, some of the modulated at specific times with a noise function, adding complexity to the perfect minimalis figures.

The size, color, and texture of each circle, and its location inside the room is controlled by a computer program, which also creates synchronised sonic events, resulting in a complex spatial audiovisual composition.

Installation made possible with the generous support of LaserAnimation Sollinger Berlin.

April 10 - May 5 2019
Essen, Germany
Sanaa Building, Zollverein