The Destructive Observation Field performance is a derivation from the installation with the same name. [link to the installation version]

A bright multicolor laser beam points at one or more black reflective sheets of plastic hanging freely from the ceiling. Most of the light is absorbed by the plate, turned into heat. A small part is reflected to a white screen or wall on the opposite side of the room. The heat creates deformations and induces structural changes of the surface of the plates, which lead to dynamic and complex reflection patterns. The laser beam scans over the surface of the plate in slow movements and leaves traces of destruction. The light patterns make the process visible.

The same technique that creates these spatial decompositions of light also destroys them when the process is repeated too often. There is no strict separation between 'writing' changes to the plate or 'reading' the deformation. The observation process is destructive.

During the performance, the destruction of the plate via the intensive light is taken to the extreme, ultimately ending with burning holes and thus creating new pathways for the laser beams. Depending on the setup at the performance space, these result in projections at new positions or are used to deform secondary plates behind the first ones.

The sonic layer of the installation version is based on slow transformations, whilst the sound design for the performance is less contemplative to match the visual excess. Both, the behavior of the lasers and the sound synthesis are controlled by the performer during the performance.

Duration is about 45 minutes.

D.O.F. Performance needs a white gallery space with the audience sitting on the floor in close proximity to the laser and the plates.

Image below: laser induced surface deformation and destruction, detail.