imbalance computer music | ICM 08 | May 2009


In early October 2008, swedish installation artist Fredrik Wretman contacted me, because he wanted to use my Monolake piece Indigo for an installation. I liked the idea, but found it a bit inappropriate to play back the same song again and again in a loop. I isolated some elements from the original piece and transformed them into slowly evolving atmospheres to match with the pace of Fredrik's installation.

During the installation the music is played back from three CD players: each of them containing a slightly different version of the soundscape, each with a different playing time and each fed to speakers located in different parts of the gallery. As a result, things never fully repeat, and the sound is slowly travelling through the space, filling the room like a perfume.

The recording here is a stereo mixdown of the initial state of the installation if all three CDs would be started at the same time.

1. Indigo_Transform 60:00 [listen to 30 minute excerpt]

Tap Tim by Fredrik Wretman, Fargfabriken Norr,
Ostersund, Sweden, 2008-11-08 till 2009-03-29