imbalance computer music | ML 001R | Summer 2007

CD album

This is the remastered version of the second Monolake album Interstate from 1999. Here is the original.

About the remastering process:

Interstate has been produced like all early Monolake records, by mixing the tracks during long jam sessions straight to DAT and later editing in Pro Tools. The result is very alive but has technical flaws. It has been recorded using cheap hifi speakers and the mastering was done with nothing but a TC Finalizer and not much experience. The result sounded good to us at that time but for the re-release I came to the conclusion that it might be possible to improve the quality.

When I was working at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin from 1997 till 1999, I had the opportunity to teach Rashad Becker some of the science. Meanwhile he became much more an expert than I ever was. For the re-release he worked on the Interstate tracks at Dubplates and Mastering and came up with a much better version. However, he also was building his own studio room, and tried a very different approach there mainly to test his new equipment: some obscure analogue compressors and filters. We liked the result a lot and took that version. Interstate now sounds darker, crunchy and deep.

*** distributed by Hardwax ***

*** distributed by Hardwax ***