Monolake Polygon Cities

polygon cities CD cover

2005 | imbalance | ML 015

1 Pipeline excerpt
2 CCTV excerpt
3 North excerpt
4 Axis excerpt
5 Digitalis excerpt
6 Invisible excerpt
7 Carbon excerpt
8 Wasteland excerpt
9 Plumbicon excerpt

Constructed by Robert Henke and T++ at the Centre de la Recherche Numerique summer to winter 2004.

Release date: June 2005

Formats: digital, CD

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Invisible has been released before on ML-013, North is an ehanced version of 'Force' from ML-013. Axis and Carbon have been released before on ML-014. Digitalis and Plumbicon have been released later as ML-016.


Time and space created using a newly acquired NED Synclavier II, a PPG Wave 2.3 and Ableton Operator. Additional timbres squeezed out of an Oberheim Xpander, a Yamaha SY77 and a Sequential Circuits Prophet VS.

Edited and sequenced in Ableton Live 4, Mastering with Weiss EQ and TC Finalizer. Cathedral from Lexicon. Speakers Genelec. Voice by Viki.