This is a collection of MaxForLive devices, that can be used with MaxForLive / Live9 Suite. I plan to add more devices here once they are finished. There is a dedicated page for the Granulator Instrument here.

MaxForLive is a flavor of the Max programing language that only works in conjunction with Ableton Live and allows users to create their own devices and to share those. More info about MaxForLive can be found on the websites of Ableton and Cycling74. All devices here are published under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC 3.0 licence.

A collection of older Max For Live devices for Live 8 can be found here: Monolake M4L Devices for Live8

I update those devices when ever I come up with a new interesting feature or find a bug. Version dates are shown in the info/about text of each device.


Up to 200 detuned versions of the same sample.

Current version: 1.0 - March 2016

Micro Drum

MicroDrum is a rough emulation of an 1980's 8bit drum sample cell.

Current version: 1.7 - March 2016


Note Modulator is a step sequencer like device that modifies pitch, velocity and duration of incoming MIDI notes. It either advances from step to step via song tempo, or with each incoming MIDI Note. It is possible to reset it in regular intervals or via an incoming MIDI note of pitch 0.

download version February 18 2013


Classic formant filtering with time smearing, choice between several formant tables and global transpose.

download version February 17 2013


Provides 8 automateable knobs that can send MIDI CC messages. Makes it possible to edit CCs in Arranger. Live 9 does not support this natively. Text fields can be used for own notes. If device is turned off, no CCs are sent out.

download version February 17 2013


A simple device for monitoring incoming MIDI data. This displays all data, Live can handle. Currently Live does not support SYSEX, MIDI channel info, polyphonic after touch / pressure and MIDI clock messages as part of a effect chain. ( MIDI Clock is recognized and can be sent by the application itself of course )

download version February 11 2013


This device allows to use PGM change messages sent at the beginning of a MIDI clip to select a new chain in an Instrument Rack. Basically it provides a way to switch instruments in a track automatically.

download version February 11 2013

Modifying and Support

Feel free to open the devices and modify them in any way you want. I tried to document their code as good as possible. My idea is to not only share a finished object but also provide inspiration for own creations. This is what the Max community is all about and I very much like this spirit. If you are interested in Max, the Max forums hosted by Cycling74 are a good source of information, too. I will most likely not be able to answer questions about the devices by myself or provide help with programing issues. Comments and bug reports are welcome nevertheless. All devices here are published under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC 3.0 licence.

Enjoy! Robert Henke