I make music with computers. But I am also deeply into creating tools for making music. And this is why I became one of the creators of a quite amazing piece of commercial music software, Ableton Live. Ableton was founded by my former Monolake partner Gerhard Behles, together with a developer he met whilst working together for Native Instruments, Bernd Roggendorf and a finance person, Jan Bohl. Gerhard asked me to join the team to develop something that finally became a software called Live. The rest is history. [Read a long interview with Gerhard and me about ih here.]

The screenshot above shows a very early internal version, probably around summer 2000. The image below is from Live Version 10, early 2019.

Here is a Theme for Live11 which i once made, and which did not find its way in the official distribution. It comes with a screenshot showing the location in which it needs to be installed. On MacOS you'll need to right click on the app in Finder to get to 'Show Package Contents', and from there see screenshot: monolake-theme-live11.zip I recommend setting in the Prefs 'Grid Line Intensity' to a low value (~ 20?).

Screenshot above from Ableton Live 12, November 2023